Company Philosophy

Gangaa Kotecha Group has been an insignia of trust, transparency and differentiated service in the real estate sector in Jaipur. Rooted in values, our growth and respectability have both been built on adherence to our vision, mission and the five pillars we stand on, in all we do and deliver.

Our Vision: To create spaces that enhance the quality of life

The vision of our company is an actionable, purpose-led ideal that has a real and significant bearing on our deliveries and our conduct. We are committed to ensuring that our offerings are revolutionary, ahead of the times, benchmarked against best global trends & practices and built around our discerning customers' needs. We ensure that the ecosystem we operate in, the society around and all people who experience, engage or align with any aspect of the spaces we create, truly feel the differentiation and positive impact on quality of life.

Our Values

In letter and spirit, our brand pillars stand at the very core of who we are and what we stand for - not just in our deliveries but also in our everyday conduct. Our approach to work and all interactions with customers, vendors, channel-partners, colleagues and society at large is defined and enriched by our values:- 


Focus on achieving the best results by following set processes and constantly improving upon them.

Customer Eccentricity

Position the customer at the centre of all that we do by committing to enhance their quality of life.


Work together towards a common goal by committing to support, respect and communicate.

Passion for Innovation

Inculcate a drive to constantly improve existing standards to achieve excellence.

Integrity & Transparency

Constantly act with honesty, fairness, forthrightness and accountability.

Board Of Directors


Is the Promoter & Founder Director of Kotecha Group.A highly experienced corporate director with specialized skills in building revenue streams and implementing diversification and expansion plans. A versatile entrepreneur with an innate understanding of the nuances and intricacies of global businesses across an immensely wide cross-section of industries through the world. He is a member of the Rajasthan Builders & Promoters Association (RBPA).


Mr. Kuldeep Kotecha has played a key role in organizing the real estate sector and creating landmark structures reflecting new standards of excellence in the real estate industry. His foresight and vision have contributed immensely towards establishment of benchmarks in the real estate industry.

Environmental Policy


Reduce | Recycle | Reuse


Save Trees


Save Water


Care For Environment | Save Earth

Protecting our shared Environment

Protecting our shared environment is of fundamental importance to all of us at Kotecha. We recognise the positive impact we can make in protecting and adding to the environmental richness including the natural resources (water, air, energy and raw materials) and bio-diversity of the ecosystem we operate in. We believe this not only makes sound commercial sense for business sustainability, it is also a matter of delivering towards future generations for sustainability.

To support this goal, our policy is to:
  • Comply with or exceed the requirements and spirit of applicable environmental legislation and regulations.
  • Optimize the use of natural resources in order to reduce pollution, minimize wastage and maximise reutilisation/ recycling Enrich the bio-diversity of the nature surrounding our areas of business.
We will strive to achieve this by:
  • Aligning organizational processes, establishing quantifiable targets, as appropriate, reviewing programs and processes for continuous compliance and improvements.
  • Continually improving the environment sustainability performance of our end-products (such as using energy efficient lighting and HVAC systems, using feasible renewable energy sources, treatment and recycling of wastewater, harvesting rainwater).
  • As far as possible, purchasing products and services that minimise the damage on environment on a lifecycle basis, encouraging the use of energy efficient raw materials containing recycled materials, minimising the generation of solid wastes, recycling the reusable wastes and disposing the excess waste through environmentally safe manner.
  • Enriching the biodiversity by maximising the green landscape in our real estate projects and encourage tree plantation.
  • Engaging our employees, suppliers and vendors to reduce risks from environmental, health or safety hazards for themselves and others in the vicinity of our operations. Training employees, associates and other stakeholders to promote environmental awareness and encouraging them to work in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Communicating the environmental commitment and performance of the organization to our clients, customers and public to raise awareness and encourage.